The prehistoric Caves of Gargas and Nestplori@

Enjoy a unique, playful and prehistoric experience with Nestploria and the prehistoric Caves of Gargas !

Will you find,with the help of digital technology, the millenary secrets of the 200 stencilled handprints in the famous Caves of Gargas?

Both real and digital, this adventure in time for kids and adults is definitely a must see!

Caves of Gargas: enjoy a visit in an authentic prehistoric cave and its digital interpretation centre.

In the beginning were the Caves of Gargas…

A rich and complex prehistoric classified site worldwide renowned for its 200 stencilled handprints many of which displaying missing fingers. Painted more than 27,000 years ago, they still question scientists… Nestploria was created from the will to share this exceptional rich but complex heritage with a broader public thanks to the most innovating digital tools.

The starting point is the scientific discourse, conceived by a scientific committee presided by internationally renowned painted cave art expert Jean Clottes. Thanks to digital storytelling, Nestploria offers keys accessible to all to understanding this discourse in a playful way either after or before the visit of the prehistoric site


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